15 maj 2014


Xavier Siméon and the Team Federal Oil Gresini Moto2 started today the French Grand Prix weekend at Le Mans circuit closing the combined classification of the first two practice sessions with the eleventh fastest time, 1’38”823, less than 0.6 seconds off the pace. The Belgian rider, however, is confident to be able to shave a few tenths tomorrow, working on the chassis set-up of his Suter machine together with the team.
Aboard the Team Gresini Moto2 Suter, Lorenzo Baldassari experienced a painful day, due to the injury to his right shoulder sustained during a fall at the last Spanish Grand Prix, which slowed down him especially under the frequent changes of direction of the historic French track. The 17-year-old Italian finished the day in 29th place, although improving his times more than a second from morning to afternoon.

XAVIER SIMEON (11th - 1'38"823) “At the moment we aren’t where we want to be: the gap to the front is not so high, but on this track is always like this. We will have to work to earn a few tenths, because today we put on display a pace of 1’38” high, that at the moment is not enough to fight at the top. We will work on the chassis set-up to try to improve various details in some parts of the circuit in which I’m still not one hundred per cent: on this track is really important to have a lot of confidence on the front and also a lot of grip at the rear, in order to make the most of the power out of the corners”.

LORENZO BALDASSARRI (29th - 1'39"899) “Today it’s been a tough day, even if I was eventually able to improve my performancebetween the two practice sessions. I don’t feel a lot of pain in my right shoulder, but unfortunately I lack a bit of strength and as a result I find it hard to move quickly the bike on the changes of direction. Therefore, tomorrow we will try  to adjust a little the chassis set-up and to see if the bike behaviour can help my riding in this situation”. 

FAUSTO GRESINI “Xavier’s final position today is certainly not what we expected, even if the gap from the top is not high: we must still find the best set-up for his bike, but we know how to improve; simply, we are a bit late, but I am convinced that tomorrow we can get well prepared ahead of the qualifying. Baldassarri struggled more due to the shoulder injury suffered in Jerez, but we know he can improve tomorrow”.