Go&Fun Green Energy Drink 250ml
Why choose it?

Go&Fun is the only natural Green Energy Drink with amazingly good taste! An energy and vitality boost, without taurine!

Thanks to its vegetable extracts that are reducing the mental and physical fatigue, Go&Fun Green Energy Drink is the positive energy, good for everyone at any time of the day or night.


Guaranà, useful to face the lunch with your grandma after 5 hours of party!

Ginseng, to recover the desire to go out after 8 hours of study, 2 hours of gym and 1 hour of traffic!

Matè, to remain dynamic in front of the boss or awake during the boring school lessons!

Rhodiola, to remember the important things, the pizza break with your aunt, the parties and your mother birthday!

Green Tea, to neutralize the negative effects of stress and to remain Cool&Fun!