Jun 27 2014


Andrea Iannone - Go&Fun Green Energy Drink

The weather influence today too, forcing the riders to make drastic setup changes. At 13:45, as scheduled, the pit lane open for the sighting lap, a downpour forced the race director to postpone the start. The race was declared a "wet race" but in the meantime, the rain stopped falling.
During the warm-up lap, the rain came down again. Andrea Iannone, who had opted to start with the wet tires was able to keep up with its rivals, losing only one position. On the second lap it stopped raining and the track slowly began to dry out. On the sixth lap Andrea decides to return to the garage to change bike a take the one with slick tires. He returned to the track in mid-rankings, lap after lap he makes his way through his opponents overtaking them, in this race that never seems to end Andrea Iannone takes home his best finish in MotoGP for the second time this year with the sixth position. 

Andrea Iannone (Pramac Racing) "Today was difficult situation, it was difficult to decide whether to get out on the bike dry or wet tires. Compared to last year I found myself much better in spite of these climatic conditions. Too bad that it took me a while before finding a good pace. I think I could have finished the race in a better position. When I picked up the pace it was about the same as Dovizioso, but I'm glad for this sixth position which is definitely a good result. I thank the team and Ducati for support. "

Published on : Jun 27 2014