Jun 27 2014



The Team GO&FUN Honda Gresini leaves the Netherlands with two good performances by Alvaro Bautista, seventh, and Scott Redding, twelfth, in a race marked by changing and tricky conditions of the tarmac. The rain fell when the riders were already lined up on the grid delayed the start of the Grand Prix, finally started in wet conditions. Soon, however, the asphalt dried out, forcing riders to change bikes as per ‘flag to flag’ regulation. Starting from the tenth position, Bautista found himself at ease with rain tyres, passing some riders in the early laps before changing the bike for dry conditions; the Spaniard rejoined the track in fifth position, but then struggled to get the tyres into the right temperature, crossing the finish line in seventh, defending himself from Bradley Smiths’ last gasp attack. On his first MotoGP wet race, his teammate Scott Redding was instead more cautious in the early laps, but then the Briton made a good recovery choosing the right timing to change the bike and keeping a good pace in the dry. The 12th position gives him 4 valuable points, thanks to whom Scott is now leading the standings among the riders aboard the Open Class Honda, with 28 points.

ALVARO BAUTISTA (7th) “Today we faced very tricky conditions, we went to the starting grid with the bike set for dry conditions, but it started to rain so we had a new starting procedure in order to change the bike for the wet, but then when we went back to the starting grid, the track was already drying out in some areas. In the early laps I felt comfortable in the wet and I was able to overtook some riders in front of me, but after only four laps we had to change the bike because the track at that point was already almost dry. With the other bike i hadn’t the same feeling, I struggled a lot to get the tyres in the right temperature. In the end the seventh place is not too bad, even if we have been very close to the top five. However, after the retirement in Barcelona we needed to end the race and take some points”.

SCOTT REDDING (12th) “Today was my first MotoGP race in the wet, so to be honest I was a bit scared in the beginning because I didn’t know what to expect! We started from the back of the grid with rain tyres, but I was not too sure about track conditions, so in the early stages I was quite slow because I struggled to understand well the tyres in these conditions. After only a few laps when the track started to dry out I came into the pits to change the bike; we choose a good time to do it and we made a good gap. In the dry I was quite fast, I passed Lorenzo and then I followed Pol Espargarò and this thing gave me a big motivation; when Pol crashed I had just to maintain the same lap times. After a very bad warm up this morning it feels good to be the first Open Class Honda in these tricky conditions”.

FAUSTO GRESINI “Today our starting position on the grid was not good, so we were expecting a tough race; Alvaro, however, felt immediately comfortable in the early stages on the wet and he was able to overtake several riders. After changing the bike he struggled more to find a good rhythm, also because he found it hard to get the tyres at the right temperature. Alvaro however saw the finish line in a good seventh place, although of course we have other ambitions. Scott struggled in the early laps in the wet, but after changing the bike he recovered well, collecting important points that now place him in the first position in the World Championship among the Honda RCV1000R riders”.

Published on : Jun 27 2014