Gran Premio De Espana - Free Practice | Go&Fun

The first European Grand Prix weekend of the 2013 season, the Gran Premio de España, got underway today at the Jerez de la Frontera circuit in Southern Spain. After closing the first morning session in 6th and 19th position respectively, Team GO&FUN Honda Gresini’s Bautista and Redding, like many other riders, weren’t able to increase the pace in the afternoon due to very hot conditions.
At the end of the day, Bautista was 7th in the combined classification, spending the day looking for more rear grip, working on the chassis set-up of his Honda RC213V and also trying both the hard and soft rear tyre compounds.
His team-mate, Scott Redding, experienced similar problems, complaining about a lack of rear grip: the English rookie, however, started the weekend with calm, slowly adapting his riding style to a complicated track to face for the first time riding a MotoGP bike.

ALVARO BAUTISTA (7th - 1'40"560) “I'm trying to face this race without thinking about what happened in the first three Grands Pri: in some ways, it’s like my season is starting now, so I'm trying to stay focused, working together with my team, trying to get a good set-up for the race and having fun riding. This morning we were struggling with rear grip, so we made a change on the bike set-up before the afternoon session, but the track conditions then were worst and as a result it was difficult to improve the feeling. Tomorrow our work will focus on finding more rear grip”.

SCOTT REDDING (19th - 1'41"374) “I made my best lap time in the morning because this afternoon the track conditions were worst; however, regardless from this, today was a little bit more difficult for me riding in this circuit, because it seems really small with a MotoGP bike! I’ve been only either testing or racing in circuits like Sepang, or Losail, for example, which are bigger. Here, instead, I realized that the track is really small, so I need a little more time to adapt to this, because so much is happening. At the moment we are struggling with rear traction: we’ll try to solve this problem tomorrow, because here you have a lot of long corners, so you need to have a good rear feeling”.

FAUSTO GRESINI “Today was definitely not easy, because of the track conditions: here, traditionally, you need to work hard for the race, because the grip level is really low with the hot weather. However, our situation is not bad: tomorrow we will make some adjustments to the bikes’ set-up to give more confidence to both our riders and if we will be able to achieve it, we will get closer to the top with Alvaro and improve the position with Redding. Moreover, the gap from their rivals is not so high. We simply need to work with calm, and we're doing it”.

Published on : May 1 2014