Gran Premi de Catalunya - Go&Fun

Xavier Siméon faced a complicated first day of practice at the Circuit de Catalunya aboard the Team Federal Oil Gresini Moto2 Suter machine: the Belgian rider in fact continued to experience the same problems encountered during the last Italian Grand Prix at Mugello, complaining about a strong lack of grip. Siméon was therefore ended the day in 24th position with a best lap time of 1’48”734.

Riding the Team Gresini Moto2 Suter, Lorenzo Baldassarri worked a lot on the bike set-up, but with poor results: the young Italian rookie struggled to find the right compromise to bring enough speed into the corners and now he will analyze the telemetry data looking for a solution. 

XAVIER SIMEON (24th - 1'48"734) “We have embarked on a road from which we can’t get out: again we find ourselves too far back and too far from the top. It's a strange situation: I was hoping that Mugello had been an exception, but we continue to struggle a lot: like in Mugello, here we have many grip issues, an area on which we were strong in Le Mans. I honestly don’t know how to explain it: we have to work hard in order to find a solution very quickly, because obviously we don’t like this situation at all”. 

LORENZO BALDASSARRI (28th - 1'48"829) “Today was very tough: I can’t get the bike turned on corner entry, and also when I open the throttle on the exit I’m trouble with the grip and the bike starts to slide continuously. We will analyze in depth the telemetry data to try to find a solution and try to improve our lap times tomorrow”.

FAUSTO GRESINI “We are too slow at the moment, but also all the other riders riding a Suter are struggling now, so probably there is a basic problem for everyone. Too bad, because we can’t find a solution and we are losing many opportunities to be fast. We will continue to work to understand what's going on: basically, Siméon is unable to exploit his potential due to a strong lack of grip”.

Published on : Jun 12 2014