Jul 12 2014


Andrea Iannone - Go&Fun

At the Sachsenring circuit, the race that marks the end of the first half of the season, Andrea Iannone takes home a fantastic fifth position; achieving his best result so far in MotoGP. About five minutes from the race start, it begins to rain and the race direction declared a wet race. During the sighting lap the rain stops and with a light wind the track starts to dry quickly, but in some turns the track is still wet. The rider starts off for the warm-up lap in “rain configuration” but then decide to go to change the bike with dry configuration and start the race from the pit lane. Despite the damp track, Andrea decided to push hard, ending the first lap in fifteenth position, overtaking his opponents, his pace improves and with the improvement of the conditions of the asphalt he moves up until the fifth position that he vigorously defends until the checkered flag. Andrea once again proves to be a very fast rider and manages to get his best result in very difficult conditions.  

Andrea Iannone (Pramac Racing)  "I am very glad I got my best result in MotoGP. At the start of the race the track conditions were not very good because when we started turn Twelve was very wet and with the slick tire it was difficult to deal with. I pushed as much as possible at the beginning to not be too far from Lorenzo and Valentino, this strategy payed us off with this excellent result. I'm happy with my first half of the season, I could have picked up a few more points in the race where I crashed, since last year I improved a lot. "

Published on : Jul 12 2014